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Lucy Austin Healing is an energy Reiki practice offering treatments for relaxation, alignment, health and well- being. Reiki contains an invaluable essence of allowing that helps clients to reclaim their harmony, inner peace and clarity, and increase the sense of self-appreciation, worthiness, and prosperity in their lives.  A simple and natural healing technique originating in Japan, Reiki’s healing and restorative power is well supported by the incredible results from its application as well as scientific research. Lucy Austin’s holistic therapy practice blends Reiki treatments and mindfulness coaching, based on the belief that the mental and emotional health we provide for ourselves are the very foundation of a joyful and fulfilling life. It has much to offer to anyone looking to discover the deliciousness of life or get to a better state of body and mind. 

Holistic Therapy

Lucy Austin Healing supports you in achieving the mental, emotional and physical health and harmony you are reaching for
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Reiki’s great potential lies in its ability to release resistance and stimulate the natural healing power of the body.
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The Perfect Gift

Be inspired! This fall, give the gift of healing and alignment to yourself or a special person in your life.
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Current Special

Do something truly special for yourself! Take this opportunity to receive 20% OFF your first Reiki treatment.
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Lucy Austin Healing Practice

My name is Lucy and I am very passionate about encouraging and assisting people to navigate their lives from the inside out. I believe our strength to achieve our desires and dreams comes from the inner self, and that it is impossible to build a beautiful world around us without allowing and experiencing well-being from inside.

As a Certified Reiki Healer, I work with people who reach for, are open to, and could benefit greatly from this most natural value of healing and self-realization. I help my clients to relax and experience the joy and power of allowing, and in the process, to access their inner wisdom and intuition, reconnect with their worthiness and life perspective and to embrace a healthier and empowered, wholehearted living.



For several months now I was experiencing a lot of physical discomfort, and an increasingly alarming lower back pain, which massage and chiropractic treatments had not alleviated. Reiki soothed the pain after the first treatment! It has also helped me realize the important energetic connection between emotional and physical health.


What Clients Say

Lucy’s great energy, dedication and gentle advice helped me to find the place of worthiness and appreciation within myself, and allow well-being to flow into my life. I will be always grateful!


Because I was going through an emotionally difficult period in my life, the negative energy soon transferred over to my pet. My lovable and sweet little puppy became irritable and aggressive, and very difficult to manage. With just a few Reiki treatments, he calmed down considerably and released all negative energy, becoming the adorable little being he was before. Thank you Lucy!


Relax and Revitalize

It is important you realize that all physical sensations are all about the way energy is flowing within your experience.

Relax and Revitalize

Align and Be Inspired

No matter what situation you find yourself in, now you can experience the difference between motivating yourself (through efforting) and inspired action (through vibrational alignment).

Align and Be Inspired

The Art of Allowing

Manifesting your desires depends on two things only: the intensity of your desire, and your belief about it.

The Art of Allowing

Pet Healing

Help your pet become the adorable companion it means to be.

Pet Healing

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